June 6, 2024

Sacramento, CA (June 6, 2024) – Straine Dental Management (SDM), a dentist-owned, dentist-led dental services organization (DSO), is excited to announce the appointment of Scott Jolly, DDS as its new Chief Engagement Officer.

Leveraging his extensive experience as a second-generation dentist providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages, Dr. Scott Jolly is a respected and trusted pillar in the North Little Rock, Arkansas dental community. Dr. Jolly’s commitment to providing the highest standard of care within a family-centered environment aligns perfectly with the vision and values reflected by the founders at Straine.

Dr. Jolly's deep understanding of Straine’s leadership principles, vision, mission, and values, refined over thirteen years as a consulting client, makes him a valued and venerated fit for our organization. Dr. Jolly brings practice-owner competencies that will assist our dentists to align their methodologies with the systems and strategies that have made Straine a nationally recognized and emulated model of success for more than three decades.

A Strong Foundation for Success

In March 2024 SDM proudly affiliated with Jolly Family Dental in North Little Rock, Arkansas, founded in 1967 by the revered Dr. Robert Jolly and expanded in 1996 and 1998 with the addition of his sons, Drs. Brad and Scott Jolly. This strategic move strengthens SDM's commitment to building a world-class organization by adding Dr. Scott Jolly's in-the-field expertise to our sophisticated team of practice performance experts.

Straine Dental Management has been an industry leader for three decades in developing employee engagement strategies for the dental industry. More than ever, employee engagement is a strategic business objective and Dr. Jolly has an extensive record of implementing and innovating strategies at the practice level that lead to long-term employee retention, higher employee performance, improved quality of work, and organizational success.

"Dr. Scott Jolly's extensive experience with both Straine Dental Consulting and Straine Dental Management, combined with his leadership of a successful practice, makes him an empowering asset to our organization," said Kerry Straine, CEO of Straine Dental Management. "With his deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing dental practices, he will be instrumental in helping our clients thrive within our DSO network."

Scott Jolly, DDS shared his excitement about this new chapter: "I'm honored to join SDM as Chief Engagement Officer. Having been part of the Straine family for so many years, I'm deeply invested in our shared commitment to dental practice success. I'm eager to leverage my experience to build even stronger relationships with our dental practices and empower them to deliver exceptional patient care while achieving their business goals."

About Straine Dental Management

Straine Dental Management (SDM), a dentist-owned and led DSO, ascended from a thirty-year consulting organization specializing in developing strategic performance management and transition plans for thousands of dental practice owners and emerging DSOs across the United States and Canada. SDM leverages its proven experience and expertise to equip its network of top dental practices in 13 states. This business model ensures optimal patient care while maximizing practice performance and productivity through a comprehensive suite of business support services including consulting, accounting, and human resources. SDM empowers its partners to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.


For more information, visit www.straine.com. They are also active on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Threads.

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