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Impacting The Dental Industry Since 1992. Our Innovations Are Now Industry Standards.

We provide practice owners with a proven management system, best practices operating policies, and move-the-needle KPIs that enable them to realize their unique goals.

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Building A Successful Dental Practice Isn’t Brain Surgery. It’s Much Harder.

We know from dental practice owners throughout the country how hard they work to master their technical skills. They invest hundreds of thousands of hours and hard-earned dollars to provide the best dental care to their patients. Yet we still see dental practices in modern facilities with high-tech equipment and well-paid team members stagnate and struggle every day.




We create a strategic plan that reflects what you want from practice ownership, aligning your values and vision with measurable objectives.



We identify the essential KPIs that drive your strategic plan and equip you and your team to cure shortfalls and seize opportunities in real time.



We take like-minded practice owners with an appetite for growth to the next level by providing high-quality administrative support services.

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  • Month-to-Month Agreement
  • Daily Access, Weekly Training, Monthy Strategy Meeting
  • Assigned Consulting Team Certified In Straine Management System, Straine Dental Analytics, Behavior, Communication And Workplace Motivators

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The Straine Way

The Straine Way is the standard for everyone who works for Straine all across the country. Our guiding principles define Straine’s mission and values, and The Straine Way defines how we work.

The Straine Way has two main pillars: continuous improvement and respect for people. By “people” we mean clients, employees, and alliance partners. “Customer first” is one of our core tenants. We don’t just refer to our clients as the end customer, the person at the next workstation is also our customer. This leads to teamwork.

Every connection must be standardized and direct, unambiguously specifying the people involved, the form and quality of the goods and services to be provided, the way requests are made by each customer and the expected time in which the requests will be met. There are no gray zones in deciding who provides what to whom and when. The root of The Straine Way is to be dissatisfied with the status quo and always ask, “Why are we doing this, can we do it better?”

Driven by their passion for leadership and joy of adding value to others, Olivia and Kerry Straine have spent decades researching and studying leadership, teamwork, “best practices” methodologies and communicating their insights to dental professionals across the country. Learn that perfecting your practice is a discipline that deals with human and social values.

Our Raving Fans

“Straine Dental Management is the only DSO that I know of that was built on a foundation of 30+ years of consulting and implementing successful systems and processes in practices all over the country. Its leadership team is first class, and its model puts the practice owners first. I am excited to be a part of its team.”


Jonathan R. Moffat, Founder & CEO
Aligned Advisors

“It has been such a pleasure to be a strategic partner with Straine Dental Management and work alongside Kerry Straine and the Straine Team. We have seen firsthand the positive impact, the knowledge that the Straine Team can share with the practices they support, and the improvements in EBITDA and cash flow to the practice owners.”


Mike White, CPA
CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)

“I enjoy working with Straine because everyone is extremely knowledgeable and accessible on a daily basis. Even after 15 years of being a consulting client, my practice continues to grow in scheduled hygiene patients and doctor production. Not only have my numbers increased, but my staff is now a team.”


Trey Harris, DMD
Practice Owner at Greenville, South Carolina

“Working with Kerry Straine and all of the team from Straine has changed my dental life for the better and as far out as I can see. From the beginning when I had no hygienists to now adding a third with nearly 1,200 patients scheduled for a next appointment, or increasing collections from $1.6 million in 2018 to over $2.5 million last year, my practice growth has been astonishing since partnering with Straine. The best choice I have ever made was putting Kerry Straine at the top of my leadership team.”


Mark Redford, DMD
Practice Owner at Sacramento, California

“I have been a client of Straine Dental Consulting since Kerry Straine did a free practice analysis of my practice in 1998. Kerry’s expertise showed me everything that I needed to know about what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong in managing the business side of my dental practice so that I could concentrate on patient care. I have never looked back and my growth continues to break new ceilings every year.”


Joseph S. Grimaud, DDS
Practice Owner at St. Louis, Missouri

“Paychex was founded in 1971 by Thomas Golisano as one of the original disrupters in the payroll industry. As a 20-year partner with Olivia & Kerry Straine I have seen the evolution of Straine, a small company with a big vision to become the number one thought leader in the dental industry. It is amazing to see firsthand how invested the Straine Team is with their Doctor/Owner partners. They inspire greatness in everything they do, and their clients’ success shine far above the rest. Straine is a true leadership organization that impacts dental practice ownership all across the country in significant and meaningful ways.”


Kevin Kay
HR Services District Sales Manager, PAYCHEX

“As one of the founders of Straine Dental Management I am part of a group of like-minded practice owners who are experiencing the benefits of group ownership yet have been given autonomy to make standard of care decisions. The shared vision and aligned values of Kerry Straine, the Straine Dental Consulting organization, and the other practice owners in SDM is the most exciting next-step of my career and I look forward to seeing our organization impact the entire industry. SDM dentists are committed to delivering the best and highest clinical care to our patients all across the country. The executive team is experienced, effective, and supportive of my individual needs and personal goals. I am proud to be a part of such a world class team of doctors and leaders.”


Kaz Uyesugi, DDS

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Kerry Straine

CEO, Straine Dental Management


Olivia McLeod Straine

CEO, Straine Dental Consulting


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